impact scale behaviour image culture make a difference change the world invent the future

From late 2005 till 2010, I worked with Wolff Olins (and a few cheeky wee jobs on the side) in the world of branding. I learned an awful lot. About the bigger picture. About client relationships, leading teams, staying on budget, selling work, moving from presentation to conversation, going digital without going insane, making impact beyond image, while making image more meaningful and beautiful than ever, inventing and innovating on behalf of the consumer, sometimes having to convince clients that what they want may not be what they need. And above all, great brands don’t build themselves. A brand is there to serve its employees, its industry and in the best cases, the world it exists in. Not every brand’s going to change the world, but they all play a part. Opportunity and responsibility go hand in hand for every brand. And the best thing is, the rules change. Fast and always.